Abba Stand Abba Motorbike Bike Sky Raise

Abba Stand Abba Motorbike Bike Sky Raise

The abba Sky Lift requires no modifications or elements to be permanently fitted to your bike whatsoever, your machine stays totally standard. The lift matches to the swing arm pivot of the motorcycle and connects on the rear of the swing arm through a help strap . Should you alter your motorcycle its a simple case of upgrading your becoming package on your new machine, fittings may be changed for various models in a matter of seconds and are comparatively low cost to buy. The sky raise simply rolls as much as the bike, its legs tucking underneath (you might have to raise the aspect-stand). Raise the ram with the foot-pedal till the adaptor is lined up with the bike’s swingarm pivot, then slide it absolutely home.

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abba Bobbin & Hub adapters – Full product particulars here. 6mm, 8mm, 10mm bobbin adapters provided in addition to 4 hub spindles appropriate for most typical Triumph, Honda and Ducati single sided swing arm bikes. The rear Hub and sprocket may also be eliminated by help the bike within the “Stoppie” position. With the abba Sky Lift your bike will keep totally normal, no modifications or components to be fitted making certain your bike stays looking unique, and you do not invalidate any Manufacturer guarantee.

Customer Critiques Of The Sky Raise

No other stand, lift, jack or bench will enable extra work to be carried out on a bike than the abba Sky Lift. You can take away the fairings, wheels, forks, shock, engine and even the swing arm with our Swing arm Removal kit. In truth, every final nut bolt and washer could be dismantled down to leaving the naked frame hooked up to the lift.

You can now lock the Abba’s two wheels nearest to you, then move around to the other aspect, the place the upright arm can be slid onto the Sky Lift and located in the opposite end of the swingarm pivot. Lock the arm off with the Allen key that’s conveniently attached to the arm, in addition to the thumbscrew, then the bike is fully secured. Once you could have the two right adaptor fittings within the Sky Lift, you would possibly need to adjust the peak of the principle arm, the place it connects to the ram; this isn’t hard, and I’ve solely had to do it to raise the Honda MSX125 . That bike is so small that even with the arm at its lowest setting, the motorcycle must be sitting on a couple of blocks of wood.

Becoming Kits

You will obtain the full Sky Lift with wheels, foot operated hydraulic pump, help strap and fitting package if required. The Horizontal lifting place permits you to merely raise the bike with both wheels stage like a conventional bench raise. Finally, their customer support is superb, I’m actually happy with everything, especially the 3 yr guarantee they give , to me that reveals a real dedication to the standard of their own products. Every single half used in the construction of the Abba Sky Lift is on the market direct from the factory, and everything the corporate makes comes with a 3-12 months guarantee.

  • Lock the arm off with the Allen key that’s conveniently connected to the arm, as well as the thumbscrew, then the bike is absolutely secured.
  • The different time was when undoing the MT-10 rear-wheel nut; the torque required meant that I pulled the back end of the bike down enough to let the strap come off the paddock stand bobbin.
  • Getting the bike in place on the stand takes slightly confidence, especially the first few instances you do it; you should maintain it upright whereas locating the adaptors.
  • If you are concerned a smear of light oil on the effected area would suffice.
  • To increase your bike from its resting level to maximum top only takes around 35 seconds.Lowering the bike to the bottom takes a mear 5 seconds.

New Product demonstration video of the abba Sky Lift, lifting a Suzuki Hayabusa. Easy to boost the bike off the ground with its CE approved, foot operated hydraulic pump. Fitting Application – If you need extra detailed information on the place the Sky Lift matches your bike, or how our fitting kits work you should discover it right here. The Sky Lift sets the standard in motorcycle lifts with its security, versatility, maneuverability and above all usability.

He did say it would match however I’d need to be creative to have the ability to regulate it. In my case this skylift has paid for itself just by permitting me to do this construct myself, had I not bought the raise then I would have spent way more than that on getting the work done at a storage. I’ve had the bike within the degree position on the skylift and have plenty of room to completely strip the entrance end. If I needed more room around the front, I may put the bike in the wheelie place so the whole front is in the air. There is also the option of the stoppie position if you want additional entry to the rear. The other time was when undoing the MT-10 rear-wheel nut; the torque required meant that I pulled the back end of the bike down enough to let the strap come off the paddock stand bobbin.

Our group is free to affix, and we welcome all bike riders from all over the world to debate the current Aprilia RSV4 superbike, and the older Aprilia RSVR and Aprilia RSV Mille sportbikes. Would anyone be able to tell me the tough dimensions, weight of an abba skylift when its collapsed. Looking to buy one, but need to get price for supply. What I will say is, having the bike up at a good working top is price its weight in gold. I was all set to order a lift-up bench when a pal reminded me of the Skylift – undoubtedly looks more versatile than only a bench, and I just cannot find a bad review of it.

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